Our Captains



Calvin Du Plessis

Calvin Du Plessis is no stranger to Soolyman Sportfishing and has been successfully running the companies boats for the last 10 years. He has an unparalleled knowledge of fishing off Fujairah and the secrets to targeting the specific fish that you are after.

Calvin is also a fully qualified RYA Yacht captain with a commercial license and up to date STCW 95 certificates.




Darryn Du Plessis

Darryn Du Plessis is also no stranger to Soolyman Sportfishing and has been actively involved for the last 10 years. He holds a RYA commercially endorsed yacht captains certificate along with up to date STCW 95 certificates. Tuna, Amberjack and Billfish is where he shines and he has unparalleled knowledge of the waters off fujairah




Bobby Du Plessis

Bobby Du Plessis has been actively involved in running Soolyman Sportfishing for the last 10 years and is a fully qualified RYA commercially endorsed yacht captain along with STCW 95 certificates. Billfish are his speciality in particular, Marlin and Swordfish and having recently tagged and released a 900 pound plus Black Marlin fishing off Bazaruto Island in Mozambique as well as being the first angler to ever catch a Broadbill Swordfish on spinning gear off Kenya and the entire African coastline. 




Malan Horak

Malan Horak is the latest addition to join the Team Soolyman. As with all our captains, he hails from South Africa and the windy city of Port Elizabeth. Malan is an avid hunter/fisherman and comes from a family of professional hunters. His enthusiasm and energy is second to none and in the short time he has been with us, he has managed to figure out the fishing off Fujairah and put his customers onto some good fish daily. A great young captain and angler with a wealth of knowledge and stories to share. Malan is a passionate young captain holding all the required licenses and offshore qualifications.  




Dylan Van Breda

Dylan grew up fishing the waters of the Eastern Cape catching anything that would eat a bait, lure or fly. His passion for fishing was passed down at a young age from fishing with his father who taught him the tricks over the years. Artificial and top water lures are his speciality and he loves targeting all gamefish with his wide knowledge of surface lures and presentation. Dylan holds all the required qualifications and his passion for this sport is highly addictive.  




Devan Sadie

Devan also hails from Port Elizabeth in the Eastern Cape and grew up fishing with the many commercials and learnt their secrets over the years. He is also very passionate about angling and ensures that his customers are given 100% attention during the trip and he likes to pass on his information and educate new comers about our exciting sport. Devan is also holding all the required qualifications and is fast becoming a regularly requested captain with our Soolyman clients.  








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